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Hello, my name is John. I am now a 45-year old married man living in the Dayton, OH area trying as best as I can to live and love and grow and wake up and stay awake in a culture that seems to embrace sleep, mediocrity, comfort, and the path of least resistance as if they were virtues, and who is quickly coming to realize that the quality of our lives will only be as good as our courage and clarity in our most pivotal moments of decision, as well in the day in and day out seemingly innocuous little choices we make.  In both extremes of decision-making, we are defining and creating ourselves and affecting who we are and how courageously and wisely we will be able to choose in the future.

That’s what defines us and the quality of our lives and relationships—the capacity to consistently choose courageously from what’s best in us both when the going gets tough and even when things are going smoothly, and not automatically opt for the easiest, most comfortable, least effortful path, most safe and familiar path.

Thus this blog will be dedicated to the learning of the art of waking up and living more courageously and with more clarity and awareness! If we are to truly wake up and live while we are alive and not, when we come to die, realize that we have not truly lived, then we will need to learn better how to live more deeply and more meaningfully and courageously.  And as such this inescapably means learning how to better embrace a much fuller cross-section of life. It takes a lot of courage, inner stability, and deep resoluteness to be able to engage the full intensity of living and loving, to not so quickly and automatically self-preservate and automatically back down and shy away from intense and unprecedented and frightening experiences and emotions, to not back down automatically from everything in life that frightens us and makes us uneasy. It takes a lot of heroism (courage) in everyday life and often in seemingly little and easily overlooked ways (read: choices) to be able to consistently (or near consistently) bring the gift of one’s best self to one’s relationships and all aspects of one’s life.

And this also requires a lot of mindfulness—a lot of awareness of both others as well as oneself and one’s own inner processes and real motives—if we are to live deeply and well. Our best possible life is a very examined, eyes- and mind- and heart-wide open life.  And this approach to life is only possible if we are heroic, courageous, wise, discerning, aware, inquisitive, persistent, intense, determined, —meaning that we do not allow ourselves to break and sell out and automatically avoid intense experiences and interactions—experiences that might actually work in our benefit and help us to grow and become more courageous and confident and fully alive.

Life is change.  Growth is optional.  Only as deeply as we are willing to look and reflect will we be able to see.



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  1. I am thankful that I found this site as your posts and links inspire me to live more wholeheartedly and courageously. This path, with heart, is not easy, and it is the most daring and deliberate of choices for me.

  2. Michael Charman of the McGONNELLS said:

    John I’VE STUMBED ON THIS PAGE. Will it make the difference? .A lifetime of 90 seconds is spoken of…from that point on it has to be fed. Conviction ….does tha thave this butterflys’ life:: for the next morning you wake up and say yesterday it seemed so potent but… Michael

  3. Just came across your site by some serendipity. Due to someone sending me a quote that when I looked it up turned out to be Ruiz and was from your site. I’ve only taken a brief look around but I am fairly astounded that you seem to have a few key topics that I will be unfolding on my own site which contains all new knowledge. I’ll be looking at some of the things you are interested in but in the context of a completely new paradigm.

    With regards to ‘anger management’ I’ll be having a lot to say, beginning with anger management is a lie. Notice how no one talks about anger elimination? I will be, do not fall into the trap of believing it to be true when you are told that anger cannot be controlled it can only be ‘managed’. I too believed this once, but it’s not true. The key to anger, like anything else, is knowledge. Once one understands what one loses the choice is choiceless.

    You say the truth will ‘make us sane’. No, sanity is merely the distance between objective reality and subjective reality. The closer the distance, the more the sane. Truth: is that which *cannot*, be denied. What? You say that you can deny anything? Ich don’t think so.

    Reality is the simple appreciation of what is. The dark side of fantasy? I will be exploring what Jung referred to as The Black Bag. One merely needs to understand how to extract the contents of this black bag and place it on the table in broad daylight, and you will see as Jung correctly guessed that it is indeed solid gold.


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